DIVIDO – Retro Math Puzzle That Could Be Your Newest Addiction

Posted by hightechholic on 1:15 PM

DIVIDO is an original math puzzle that got to our attention accidentally while we browsed for good math puzzle games. Available for iOS and Android, this game is so good, that it can really become your latest addiction. Packed in both retro and modern design, this game contains intense math challenges that require quick thinking, good strategy, speed and accuracy. It is one of those game that can easily get under your skin and addict you to always try to improve your score.

DIVIDO has simple demand from you. It requires from you to reach 99999 points. You score points when you tap one of the numbers and the bottom multiplied by another number. This multiplier actually depends on how many times the number you tapped appears on the screen. Try to tap the number that is most frequent on the screen to stay in the game longer in order to reach the highest score.

This sounds like an easy task, but every time you miss, the level of numbers is increasing and if the number lines reach the bottom you will lose the game. That makes it excitingly addictive. Definitely a great, well thought, retro-math game with interesting idea. On top of that the game has two different styles, classic-retro one and a modern design. You can choose your preferred style and platform.  The game is available on Google Play, App Store or Windows Phone.

Download links from the official DIVIDO website: DIVIDO

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