Best Adblocker Apps for iOS in 2021 (iPhone & iPad)

Posted by Bojan Savikj on 4:50 AM

We all know that nowadays you can block intrusive ads easily with a functional adblocker app. In that way, you will not only save time, but you will also improve the browsing speed. That’s why we’ll recommend you the best ad blockers for iOS that also come with additional privacy protecting features. Read on and try some of the best adblocker apps for iOS.


Pie is a fast and intuitive adblocker browser with a variety of ad blocking and privacy features. Once you download it you can start browsing pages fast and easy. In the setting pages you can block ads, request SSL connections everywhere, as well as protect your iPhone/iPad from malicious sites. The built in 3rd party ad blocker browser also comes with incognito mode and optimized battery usage that is much better compared to some of the best browsers for iOS, such as Safari.


1Blocker works as a separate app that gives excellent blocking features. Not only you can block ads, but you can also block trackers, annoyance, widgets. This app is perfect if you use Safari because it integrates with it and allows you to control your ad blocking features. Additionally, the app can block trackers within apps, not just web browsing. You can also white list website where you like to see ads, such as your favorite websites.

AdBlock Pro for Safari


This simple and lightweight app allows effective ad blocking. It works together with safari and blocks ads, stops trackers, block social buttons, block mining, and has some extra features for family control. For example, you can block adult sites and article comments. We also liked that it blocks youtube ads (but only when you view youtube on safari). Another pro is that it works for iOS and Mac OSx.

Norton Ad Blocker

Norton AdBlocker is a product of the globally famous Norton Antivirus software. As expected, their ad blocker is one of the best on the App Store. It effectively blocks ads, online trackers and similar treats with a tap of a button. It also allows you to add whitelist websites where ads will be turned on.

We believe that you can’t go wrong if you pick any of these adblocking apps for iOS. Once you install any of them, your browsing will be faster and safer. If we missed some great app, leave it in the comments bellow.

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